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Welcome Back

Greetings to all. I am so excited to see you in-person at NSMDANCE & the VERA Projects. Now that we can see the light and things are changing for the better, it's time to open the doors with tiny steps.

Please read over the NEW In-Person Rates, Online Rates, General Safety and Health Protocols below before returning to our spaces. I want you to know that I will be totally be about my safety, & the safety and trust of our community. Keep in mind that this is a BLACK OWNED SMALL BUSINESS, and a ONE MAN show. Everything from management to janitorial, I’m all of those things, and you are all welcome, and should keep that at it's highest respect. Thank you, miss you, and LOVE YOU. Can't wait to see you soon.

Corey Action

General Safety and

Health Protocols

* Proof of Negative COVID test or Vaccination Card is required to participate in classes, and activities in NSMDANCE
* Masks must be worn at all times, even when dancing- no exceptions. Please take a break off the dance floor and stand 6 feet away from other or in the lobby area if you need to remove your mask during classes 

* Lobby is closed to viewing at this time 

*  There is no food allowed inside of the building, water bottles are ok

*  Dance floors are marked with boundaries to maintain social distancing

* Signage is posted outside and inside to remind dancers and staff of social distancing

* Teachers, staff, & Clients will wear masks at all times- no exceptions 

* Each student will place personal items in cubbies in the lobby area, while maintaining 6 feet from other dancers placing their items in the cubbies. Please only bring the necessary items and leave all extra belongings at home. No large bags will be allowed

*  Staff members will either wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before they begin dance class and when they exit the studio for the day 

* Temperature checks will be done at the entrance for all who enter with a no-touch infrared thermometer.  If anyone has a temperature of over 100.4 they will not be permitted in the building


Cleaning protocols

*  The studio is cleaned in its entirety daily either before or after classes.  Including disinfection of all surfaces by a professional commercial janitorial company, once a week 

* Bathrooms are cleaned with a disinfectant approved by the EPA to fight Covid-19 every hour while classes are in session.

* After each class, the floors are sprayed with a disinfectant approved to fight Covid-19 and mopped with a microfiber mop.  All high touch surfaces are wiped down with either an alcohol wipe or disinfectant approved by the EPA to fight Covid-19. The contact time for our disinfectant is 1 min


New Style Motherlode Youth Dance Program (NSMYDP)

Drop off and pick up procedures protocols

* (NSMYDP) Dancers must wait outside of the building in front for the teacher to open the door to enter the space. Do not enter the building until temperature is taken

* (NSMYDP) Dancers cannot be dropped off more than 5 mins early for class or pick up more than 5 mins late 

* (NSMYDP) There are clearly marked waiting points for dancers to stand while they wait for the teacher to open the door

* (NSMYDP) Before dancers enter the building, the teacher will scan the forehead of each dancer with the hands-free infrared thermometer to ensure they do not have a temperature of 100.4 or higher. The teacher must wipe down the thermometer with an alcohol wipe before placing it in the storage basket

*  (NSMYDP) Dancers must wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before starting class  

* (NSMYDP) After class dancers will be dismissed one at a time 

* (NSMYDP) Dancers will use hand sanitizer or wash with soap and water when exiting the studio

* (NSMYDP) Parents must not exit their cars to drop off or pick up their dancers *excluding parents with dancers younger than 8 years old. These parents are allowed to wait in front of the building but must socially distance

Covid-19 Health Declaration

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If you have any questions that could not be answered from the information on this page, feel free to contact us.


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