Greetings to my

Greetings to my New Style Family & friends! It’s Corey Action here feeling thankful and blessed. It’s been totally amazing to see you all, who have come out in person to NSM DANCE. To witness your gratitude and LOVE for the studio, and for respect you all have shared with me upon entering the space, has been so warm and REAL. Thank you.
Although we have been cleared to reopen and to move forward as normal, that is not the case for me. I’ve been working just to stay in the know and to be able open the doors again to New Style Motherlode/NSM Dance for my community. And it hasn’t been easy but it’s been humbling. Let’s dance together again. Let’s share our stories of growth and gratitude.

Open for In-Person Classes

I’ve opened for classes, privates, creative ideas and growth through our transformation. I am offering classes in-person and online for anyone who wants, needs, and desires the NSM style. Check out the website @ and feel free to join in the fun. There are Drop in and class passes available now.
I’m still working on how and when to get the young people back in the action, with Children and Kids classes ASAP. But in the mean time, im offering Action Cardio in-person, Young Adult/Teen classes and soon a few POPUP on the list. If you want to get a Class Pass, you can purchase 5 & 10 passes online at this time. If you purchased a pass Pre-COVID and had classes left, I’ll be open to honor those classes until Saturday July 17th, and then I must move forward with business. Please update your information on the site and purchase an in-person or online class by Saturday so I can update your pass classes. If you book a class, remember to pay an additional $5 for in-person before coming in. If the in-person class is full, you can not book an online class and show up in-person. The class is full to a safe and comfortable level and I will not allow more then who is booked to enter.

Now, let’s get back to NSM DANCE, share, dance and LOVE 20 years of Hip Hop Entertainment, Fittness, Community and Loyalty. Hope to see you soon.

Corey Action