After a few years of not presenting NSM Shows, Showcase, or Adult performance workshops, I am pleased to announce that I’m ready to give it the ACTION flavor back to the World. Ready to show up and show out for 2020! This time I’m pushing for something BIGGER and BETTER than I have in the past. Starting off with an all new LOVE SHOW.

3 full evenings of entertainment, with music, dance, visual art, poetry, community and LOVE. Setting up a platform where everyone come enjoy the most powerful feeling... LOVE

First 2 shows are for the Family and Friends,

1 LATE show set for the Adults and Lovers.

Line up coming soon....



Welcome to Our Home — In the Heart of Oakland’s Lake Merritt neighborhood, NSM DANCE is on the first floor of the Lakemount Senior Living Apartment Building.

Store Front of NSM DANCE
Store Front of NSM DANCE
Studio Mirror
Over head look
From the front
To the back
Side view
Front over head view
Back corner view
Front area
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Bathroom, sound system, mood light system, ADA accessible, WiFi, additional seating and work tables available, street parking, and walking distance to Lake Merritt BART Station, 1, 14, 29, 33 & 40 Bus-lines.

NSM DANCE provides a community space for people to converge, create, and share enriching experiences.
* Over 890 ft. with floors that can accommodate a range of footwear.
* 20-foot ceilings throughout
* Open studio with mirrors along single wall
* Multiple integrated power outlets

At over 890-square-feet of continuous dance space, NSM DANCE can accommodate endless uses—from dance classes and rehearsals to photo shoots, conferences, and private events. This beautiful appointed facility is ADA-compliant to serve the whole of our community. We designed the space to accommodate all of our fun classes and all our wonderful community.

NSM DANCE is sunny, spacious and secure. Functional and flexible it is one of the most affordable rental spaces in the Bay Area with abundant, free parking.

Affordable rentals for rehearsals, classes, workspaces, workshops, showings, photoshoots, private lessons, dance parties,
 and other events and private gatherings.

Create Vibe Work Relax Retreat Review Rewrite Host Show Learn Grow Meditate


Welcome to NSM Headquarters.
Hold small meetings at HQ.
TV and Small Desk
Watch your project, or get some more work done at HQ.
Enjoy photos and art at HQ.
Upstairs view
Enjoy the open space of HQ.
Artist Wall
New works from Artists at HQ.
Master work station
Getting the best work done at HQ.
Upstairs Desk
Finding your own area to create at HQ.
Viewing and Sound Room
Need a peace of mind?
Black Out Room
Close out the outside as you look inside.
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