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  • In-Person classes are limited to 25 clients. 2-days advance booking.

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    1 hr

    25 US dollars
ACTION CARDIO is about fun! You will release all the tight places you are holding in your body, lose some weight, move some calories and sweat!

Why run to build cardio endurance if you can dance at HOME? Corey’s class is a party in your space. To party means the opposite of work, or stress. – So the class choreography is always going to provide a challenge without being overwhelming. In Corey’s online class some people may do double-turns, some people may just take a step to the side, but it all works together and everyone has a great time. The point of being free is to be able to cut off and move around, regardless of your level you will be in the vibe and time flies while you’re having fun. “In my Janet voice”.
If you are having issues with booking, PLEASE email Corey Action direct to get in on and dance. Thanks
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