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New Style Motherlode Studio /NSM DANCE  is the Bay Area's 1st Hip Hop Dance Studio. We offer a nice range of Hip Hop dance styles along with Contemporary, Jazz & Modern Fusion, Cardio, African styles, Vogue and other Fusion styles. We have classes for children, youth, teen and adults.

New Style Motherlode Studio /NSM DANCE first opened in 2001 in a upscale neighborhood in Oakland called "Rockridge".
Over the years NSM brought new energy, new vibes, new people, and new life to the neighborhood and quickly became a dominant presence in the area. Soon it began outgrow the space in the historical Masonic Lodge Building.

In 2011 NSM closed its doors in the Rockridge neighborhood

and moved to a bigger location just blocks away from its original home.

New Style Motherlode is still going strong and

is now recognized on an international level.

NSM’s mission is to promote the arts through educational activities, entertainment, and intercultural exchange in the San Francisco Bay Area, nationally and internationally.

Corey Action and Teela Shine-Ross met in 1995 in Oakland, Ca., and founded the New Style Motherlode Dance Company in 1997.  As directors, the dynamic duo envisioned a company that fuses hip-hop, jazz, ballet, modern, and theatrical themes to present a realm of dance never seen before.  With this vision, they formed a unique and dynamic dance company, consisting of dancers from all walks of life. 

Corey Action and Teela Shine-Ross aspire to develop a multi-dimensional training and performance curriculum that explores all facets of dance production.

The company presents an annual concert and performs at various Bay Area and Northern California venues throughout the year.  Auditions are held twice a year and open to dancers of all levels who are serious and have the desire to embrace the spirit of dance.  Action and Shine-Ross intertwine their versatile and unique teaching and dance backgrounds to propel The New Style Motherlode Dance Company to new heights.
New Style Motherlode is an African-American based, but culturally diverse dance company, which strives to promote self-expression, cultural relativity, training and education through dance.  NSM is also a community-service oriented dance company which aims at exposing inner-city youth to the arts by organizing master classes, performing at local high schools and community-sponsored events.
In 2001 Action and Shine-Ross opened the NSM Dance Studio in Oakland’s premier Rockridge Shopping and Restaurant District.  The studio and office is home and headquarters to NSM’s youth and young adult dance companies, Diamond Dance Company and Sparkle Dance Team. 

The two groups are required to maintain a grade point average of

3.0 or higher in order to participate in performances. 

All company members are required to take 4 classes per week at the studio.

Teela Shine-Ross retired from New Style Motherlode in June 2015.

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