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New Style Motherlode Youth Dance Program


Mission Statement
New Style Motherlode Youth Dance Program (NSMYDP)
aims to instill a desire & sensitivity among its members to further develop,

support & maintain artistic expression,
self-determination & cultural awareness through dance.

Our teams will be under the direction of Corey Action, the NSM staff along with
guest instructors & choreographers invited to work with our performing company throughout the year.

Goals of NSMYDP

* To give students opportunities to perform & improve their performance skills.
* To develop self-respect &respect for others.
* To promote great self-esteem & confidence.
* To learn professional performance behavior.
* To learn to reach goals through commitment & dedication
* To develop life skills, including dependability, punctuality, & the importance of teamwork.
* To have fun while helping each dancer to find their own passion for dance!


Members of the "Diamond Dance Company members are between the ages of 13 and 18. Diamond was first introduced to the Hip Hop community in 2001. The main focus of Diamond is to give young street dancers a place and chance to learn, develop and train to become a working dance/artist in today’s Entertainment Business. Some dancers who have trained in this program have gone on to dance, choreograph, and work with some of the biggest names in Entertainment. Even being a part of a WINNING team on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew”.


Members of the “Sparkle” Hip Hop Dance Team are between the ages of 9 and 12. Sparkle was developed for the younger dancers who were too young to join Diamond, so Directors decided to offer a program just as challenging to younger dancers.


"The Nuggets" consist of B-Boy/B-Girl members of both Sparkle and Diamond groups. Performing for special events

* Hip Hop Class
* Body Conditioning
* Ballet, Contemporary or Jazz Class
* Fusion Class
* Weekly Rehearsal
Programs Monthly Tuition
* $275 per member
This fee covers the cost for space, directors, music mixing, training, coaching and choreography from the NSM staff only:
* Weekly Classes
* Company Class/Rehearsal/Practice
* Eligible Discounts on Workshops at NSM
Additional Costs for Teams:
* Choreography Fee:  
* Competitions:
* Conventions:  
* Company Bonding Events
* Company Warm-Ups, Sweats, Shorts, Hoodies
* Company Photos
* Costumes, Shoes & Tights
* End-Of-Year Show Shirt

KBLX 102.9 Interview with Corey Action & NSMYDP part 1 & 2